Requisite Skills

A student who takes a course (or courses) online needs skills in addition to academic skill. She/he needs to be comfortable working and learning online, which might be a new experience. Here are some basic questions to consider when contemplating taking an online course.

Student Learning skills needed to be successful online

Is the student...

  • able to plan schools studies independently (for example, prepare for a test by himself or herself)?
  • able to start his/her studies without undue encouragement from parents or teachers?
  • effective with planning and following through on plans?
  • able to finish school tasks on time?
  • able to finish school tasks without significant encouragement from adults?
  • motivated to "do" school?
  • organized?
  • able to take care of his/her "stuff" independently?

Student Technology skills needed to be successful online

Is the student...

  • comfortable working with a computer?
  • able to work independently with a computer?
  • able to print documents from a computer?
  • able to write and send E-mail?
  • experienced with attaching documents to an E-mail?
  • able to upload documents when needed?
  • able to navigate the Internet with confidence?
  • able to work with Microsoft Office, Word and PowerPoint?
  • willing to learn to communicate using discussion boards, blogs and wiki's?

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"Online geometry has been a great experience for me this year. It's definitely challenging, so I have something to work at. My teacher's very nice and will cut me some slack if I get behind. I can communicate with my teacher well through email, and everything goes pretty well. I'm learning a lot, and it's a great complement to my education at Zeeland Christian School."

Josh Parks
Online Class Student

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